COURS ESPR Child Abuse Septembre 2022

ESPR Course: Imaging Child Abuse
September 8th & 9th 2022
The Hague, the Netherlands

In this course an international acclaimed
faculty will use a mix of lectures and casebased workshops to optimize the learning
5 Plenary Keynote Lectures:
• Introduction to child abuse
• Imaging protocol
• The forensic paediatric autopsy
• Abusive head trauma: the paediatric
neurologist’s perspective
• Biomechanics of abusive head trauma

12 interactive workshops:
• Skeletal findings
• Skeletal differential diagnosis
• Physical findings of child abuse
• The legal perspective of child abuse
• Abdominal findings
• Puzzling child abuse cases
• Brain injury
• Red flags in neuroimaging
• AHT: Not to be overdiagnosed!
• Bayes in child abuse
• Clinical history from a forensic perspective
• The ‘triad’: a debate for the court

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